Sunni Levinson

04/12/2017 - Sunni Levinson

I started to set up with them. We did some plans and stuff. We are going to postpone the June date due to a surgery I am going to have. He was very pleasant and nice. We talked about some of the things I could do, like moving a toilet that is close to the wall. We talked about the materials and what not. We were beginning to start the process with the co-op management company as to the insurance.

The overall price I don’t have, because we never got it put together. We never got the final estimate, but it was in the ballpark of other people I spoke with. He was pretty much in the same range.

I did like the idea that he was going to run pipe all of the way to the waste in the wall, otherwise if he did what some other companies were doing, if I had problems further down, they wouldn’t cover it. He was going to take full responsibility, of course I would have to pay for the piping down to the waste, but he made a good point that he was responsible to a certain area within the wall, within the structure that the co-op board could say was my responsibility. I thought that was really good. I have lived here for 14 years and we are going on our fourth management company. He has dealt with co-op’s before.

The pictures they took of what we were doing, were good. We did talk a lot with the designers.

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