Rose Greenbaum

02/13/2017 - Rose Greenbaum

I remodeled both of my bathrooms with Gaudioso Contracting this past summer. I live in a 1920’s coop building in Brooklyn which has a lot of requirements for renovations. (Lots of extra paperwork, licenses, letters, strict work hours, asbestos abatements, and they also had stipulations about which plumbers we could use). Gaudioso Contracting was very accommodating and flexible about all of my buildings needs. Gaudioso contracting was not the cheapest quote I received but the had the best upfront communication and expertise which I why I chose to work with them and It was a great decision because the bathrooms came out beautiful!! The craftsmanship was excellent and the workers were very respectful of the other spaces in my apartment. They keep all the areas of the apartment they were using clean while working. The project did take longer than we anticipated but that had nothing to do with the Gaudioso team. We had hold ups with the building, the required sub-contractors and the DOB which were aggravating but come with the territory of this type of renovation. All that said, my favorite part of working with Gaudioso Contracting was the accessibility. They were always available to help corral the many different moving parts of the job and it was essential that I was always able to get in touch with someone who could give me updates and help at a moments notice. I would love to work with them again on future projects.

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