mavis taintor

03/02/2016 - mavis taintor

If there were a rating higher than “A” I would give it to Gaudioso. Anthony Gaudioso and Travis our job boss, managed through the difficulties of working in an old house where you literally do not know what is behind any wall until you open it up. Many changes had to be made to the original work order a to accommodated the realities of the building and its structural issues. Anthony and Travis not only took these issues with grace and humor, but also produced a fully renovated part of our house that is safe, perfect and beautiful. But here’s the most important reason I would give Gaudioso a grade higher than “A” if I could. We had a gas line issue with our new stove. This had nothing to do with Gaudioso and was caused by work done in the house 20 years ago. However, once the renovation was complete, Con Ed refused to turn on our stove gas line. Again, this was not caused by Gaudioso. Even though this was not Gaudioso’s problem, they treated it as if it were their problem! Anthony, Travis, their plumbers and Mary in the office all continued to push through the Con Ed and DOB bureaucracies for months. They stayed on top of all the related sub-issues, meetings, appointments, tests, etc., and finally today, six months later, we have a working stove. If Gaudioso had walked away from our gas line problem, I don’t know where we would be today. For sure, I would not be cooking dinner on my stove tonight. Thank you, Team Gaudioso! I would give you an A+ if I could.

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