Kathleen Perri

01/28/2016 - Kathleen Perri

My situation is unique in that as the owner, I live out of state but family members live in the house that underwent the project. I sought out 3 estimates 5 months prior to the start of the project. All 3 estimates were fairly close in price for what was included in each of the proposals. I chose Anthony because of the detail he put in the proposal. I was concerned that additional costs would be added in the other proposed projects since they were not specifically stated. Anthony told me he might be a bit higher as he only uses quality materials, specifically on the shower door ( the door he suggested is sturdy & top notch). Anthony came across as knowledgeable as well as approachable .
The bathroom renovation was done on a bathroom in a house built in 1901. Anthony had warned me ahead of time that the main
water pipe line was probably in an area of the bathroom which would effect the design of the bathroom. He was right and the space to work with was smaller than he expected when the bathroom was fully gutted. We had to go to plan B and eventually to plan C when the proposed shower was going to be smaller than we needed as we had some large family members. This took time and the 3 week project took close to 5 weeks. Of course, I wanted the project to end sooner but I could see that Nick (foreman) and his assistants were doing a quality job. Space was an issue- 2 men could work comfortably but no more! The house needed a good dusting upon completion of the project (not surprised) but the men made an earnest effort to clean up after themselves each day.
In regard to the supplies, I picked out the bathroom cabinet with a mirror, tiles and light fixture while Anthony suggested the window,toilet, pedestal sink, faucets, shower heads etc. I was very pleased with the quality of all of the above equipment.
Of course, there were a few bumps in the road but Nick was readily available and if I needed additional clarification, Anthony returned phone calls on a timely basis and when I asked him to stop by as we were moving on to plan C, he was very accommodating. He did not give the feeling that he was too busy for me. Anthony is a hands on owner. Once you sign the contract, you will here from him again. He also honors his word. One of his workers refinished my bathroom door & truthfully, it was the only part of the project I was dissatisfied with. Anthony said he would forward the door to a professional refinisher without additional cost. He kept his word and the door looks super!
A major shoutout of appreciation goes to Mary who runs the office. She promptly returns emails, phone calls and if there is any question about an order, goes over line by line to make sure everything is correct- attentive to detail! I am saving my $$ for the second bathroom in my home & I will be using Gaudioso contracting in the future.

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