David Freedman

04/22/2015 - David Freedman

We were very impressed from the very first meeting with Anthony (the owner) — got the sense he really knew what he was doing and had a great feeling of confidence right from the start. This job had a hard deadline and all work was completed on time and on-budget. Anthony and all the staff were a true pleasure to work with — everyone was super responsive, courteous and willing to go the extra mile. The foreman was always accessible, really ran a tight ship, and was very meticulous. All the work was impeccable — we were very pleased with the results; as close to flawless as it gets. There were just a couple problems (some issues with wiring early in the job and an issue with the doors later in the job) but these were resolved with no hassle whatsoever.
In short — what could have been a nightmare scenario given our tight deadline turned out to be a smooth and enjoyable experience, with gorgeous results. We wholeheartedly recommend Gaudioso Contracting.

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