Barbara Garii

07/03/2015 - Barbara Garii

I was incredibly pleased with the quality of work and the attention to detail. This is a 100-year old apt that hadn’t had a major overhaul in many years. Anthony’s walk-through with me before the project started — as he was developing his bid — was detailed — he anticipated issues that I hadn’t foreseen (which appeared, of course, when the kitchen and bathroom walls were torn down to the studs and the linoleum tiles were lifted) and he anticipated a variety of appropriate solutions for me to consider. Basically, he assured that there were few surprises during this timeline of this project.
I could walk you through the details of the project, but to be honest, the most important thing to share are the fact that the project team — and a special shout out to Nicolas, the foreman — were a real team whose goal was to put together a high quality project that everyone was proud of. They cleaned up after themselves every evening — I was not living in the apt for the bulk of the time they were working on it but I knew that whenever I came in to see it, the apt was clean and well-secured and there was progress to be seen. The workers were friendly and courteous as well.
Any questions I had were quickly answered by Anthony (Gaudioso), Mary (in the office), or Nicoloas and they worked together to make sure that even the smallest of details were attended to quickly. They made excellent suggestions, followed through on my decisions quickly, and the apt looks fabulous.
Two things to know: First, he anticipated a 12-week turnaround; it took 16-weeks. In the grand scheme of things, this was not an issue. Having worked previously with contractors, I understood that he was suggesting a “best guess” and I thought the additional 4 weeks was well within the reasonable. Second, this was not the lowest bid (nor was it the highest). However, when reviewing the bids, I felt it was the most detailed and the most clear. In other words, it appeared to be the most honest.
Am I happy with their work? No question. This turned out even better than I expected. Would I hire them again? In a heartbeat! Have I recommended them to friends? Yes!

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